We mail out Monday - Thursday every week. Delivery to your home or place of work is easily arranged with our trusted courier. Please let us have your order details & any specific postage requirements prior to 12 noon the day before dispatch. 

All  meat products are frozen, arrive vacuum packed, with ice and sealed in a neat polystyrene box in order to arrive in tip top condition & be popped straight in your freezer if required.  

Pure Ostrich Mince

400g Pack Pure Ostrich Mince. Finely minced with no added ingredients.


Ostrich Steaks

300g Ostrich Steaks (2 Pack). Meat from leg of the bird, darker and more flavour than the fillet. Ideal for marinading and pan frying. Best eaten rare to medium rare.


Ostrich Fillet

Pack of 2 Ostrich fillets 300g minimum weight. The softest and most tender part of the bird. Delicate flavour. Best cooked quickly, allowed to rest and served rare to medium rare.


Ostrich Burgers

Pack of 6 x 150g Ostrich Burgers. Made here on the farm using only Ostrich meat, fresh onions, and our own mix of salt, pepper and herbs. Nothing else!  


Bulk Buy Burgers

24 x 150g Burgers. The same recipe as the 6 pack, but in a quantity more suitable for larger families or parties.


Diced Ostrich

 Cubes of lean Ostrich meat ready for long, slow cooking. Perfect for winter casserole recipes.


Ostrich meatballs

 6 x 60g Ostrich meatballs. Our famous recipe developed during our time at Borough Market. One of our top selling products!